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    My Nexplanon Experience: Why I Removed it After Four Months

    Warning: slightly graphic image of a wound, under a bandaid, but still a wound I got the Nexplanon Implant and had it removed four months later Due to my inability to access birth control as it was prescribed to me (prescribed for continuous use for mood and migraines) at any pharmacy where I previously lived (rural, isolated town). I opted to try out the Nexplanon hormonal birth control implant as a last ditch effort to get the hormones my body needed. I had the Nexplanon implanted October 18, 2019 and I had it removed January 30, 2020: just a little over four months. I did this for a variety of…

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    Book Club

    Book club: The Book of Essie by Meghan MacLean Weir

    The Book of Essie By Meghan MacLean Weir Published June 2018 I borrowed this book from my local library. Get a library card and use it! This review contains slight spoilers and references to sex abuse I really loved this book. I couldn’t put it down. I know most people say that about the books they read but I generally have no problem putting a book down and walking away if it bores me in the slightest. Often I don’t pick books back up. For the Book of Essie I sat down around 10 a and began reading. I closed the book around 6 p that evening having stopped only…

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    Book Club

    Book Club: The Way You Make Me Feel by Maurene Goo

    The Way You Make Me Feel By Maurene Goo Published August 2018 I borrowed this book from my local library’s young adult section. Get a library card and use it! This review may include spoilers. I don’t do “number” or “star” ratings because I think those systems are arbitrary and vague. The first half gave me the warm and fuzzies about friendship, the second half made me kick my feet and squeal like a teenager because it was so cute! First of all, this book was