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Nail Biting Habit Update: Taking a Break From Gel Manicures

When I began trying to break my nail biting habit back in August of 2018, I got my first gel manicure. Up until March 15th, I had only seen my bare nails when my amazing nail artist Marie was taking the old gel off and putting on new gel.

This last manicure, my nails started to chip, flake and peel right away; which is strange considering I could go four weeks before without even a tiny chip or break. When I went in, I let her know what was going on and she was shocked too. I had heard that getting gel manicures back to back is not good for your nails but I guess must have thought I was an exception.

We removed the old gel polish and put on a regular polish. I kept that for a week and a half and then removed it. I have had bare nails for the first time in seven months.

Picture of damaged fingernails
They look rough and I even trimmed them since I took this photo because they were still splintering and snagging.

I have an appointment next month. I wanted to go most of a growth cycle to give my nails a chance to breathe and recover. I had considered not getting another gel manicure for a while; but what having bare nails has taught me so far is that seven months in, I’m still a nail biter. This lifelong habit is going to be the toughest habit I think I will ever break.

Something I am considering (because hindsight is 20/20) : I don’t use a cuticle oil nearly as often as I should. I should use it every day and up until my last appointment, I hadn’t used it in months! My new nail related goal is to build the habit of using nail and cuticle oil every day to help keep my nails healthy while I continue trying to break this habit.

This is a learning process. I am learning and I’m feeling good about it regardless. I will continue to keep you updated on this habit.

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