Hiatus and Life Update for Brette’s Bliss

Hi! I took a break from posting during winter term due to a variety of factors. One: I was going through an intense depressive episode at the beginning of January and it lasted through the end of February. Two: most of my classes this term were extremely demanding and in the most ridiculous ways. Three: I simply did not have the time to sit down and write, edit, take photos, promote and publish blog posts. I had a queue of posts written and ready and when they ran out, I took a break. I officially need to start building my queue up again.

I am on Spring Break right now and I’m back to blogging! My intention for this week is to get to making more content to share. I’m not sure what that content will look like but it’s coming. I’m going to stick to my previous schedule of posting on Mondays and occasionally Wednesdays. A lot is happening right now and I have quite a bit of things to share.

These are my general life updates since I’ve been gone:

I’m graduating from college! I am walking in spring commencement, then I will have an internship (that I’m kind of still looking for) and then I will officially be done sometime in August of this year. I’m so excited to be done. I will miss my classmates and professors, but those connections aren’t going to disappear when I leave school.

I think I will move in June. This is dependent on what kind of internship I get and where. Right now it looks like I could potentially end up in Portland (Oregon) or San Francisco. I do not have an internship set up yet, but I a have a bunch of applications out and have began interview processes.

I have a new kitty. Her name is Misao and up until last month, she lived with my parents. She is from the same litter as Sylvie and they have reconnected and get along just fine. Speaking of which, they both turned 11 in February (happy birthday to my furbabies!). I actually wake up each morning with both of them snuggling me and it’s cat person heaven.

Picture of grey and white cat named Misao laying in her back on the floor.
Misao is Sylvie’s sister. She is impossibly soft, beautiful, clingy, vocal, sweet, and a little cross-eyed. She is very loved.

Also, I got new glasses!


What I plan to blog about moving forward in the next few weeks:

How I deal with depressive episodes: I have an episode almost every winter term, and I have some tools that I use to cope and get out of these episodes.

Update on my nails: I have been getting my nails done since August 2018 and it’s about time I do another update on my nail biting habit.

How to have successful group projects: I just finished working on the worst group project of my life. I have some tools and strategies that generally make group projects successful and rewarding, but I didn’t employ them this time and should have in retrospect; even if I don’t think it would have worked.

Thank you for sticking around!

One day soon, I won’t be a student and I can devote more time to the things I love like blogging, writing, and reading (and writing reviews!). I hope you are all there for that moment. look out for my first official post on this week after this long hiatus.

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