"My First Bra Fitting After my Reduction"
Breast Reduction Series

My First Bra Fitting After My Reduction

After my breast reduction, I wore my stained surgical bras for months pining for the day I could buy new pretty bras.

When I was allowed to buy and wear real bras, we went straight to Nordstrom’s. Mom and I wanted to get me something special as my “first bra” and mom actively boycotts Victoria’s Secret after one employee told me their “bras would fit me if I gained weight.”

So to Nordstrom’s we went. We browsed all the bras, picked out a few I liked and took me back to get a fitting.

At this point, by breasts were healed, but were not pretty. They looked stitched together and angry.

I was terrified that the Nordstrom fitter would not want to fit me after she saw my Frankenstein boobs. We didn’t explain to her why my breasts looked the way they did, and she didn’t ask. She also didn’t give my mother a side eye when she stayed in the fitting room with us. I look young, maybe she assumed I was a minor and wanted my mother to supervise to keep me safe. I don’t know, but I appreciated how normal she made it feel.

It was better than every other bra fitting I had been to.

I left with two bras, one that I recently got rid of because it became too big after my breasts settled, and my first bralette ever.

I didn’t feel excited when we left, I felt exhausted. I wanted to go home, not shop the rest of the mall like mom wanted. It was like I had completed a task I had been preparing for and now that it was over I needed to rest.

The fitting was more ceremonial than it was anything else. It was about moving forward with my new breasts and making them normal for me. Getting rid of my old bras and wearing something other than an ugly surgical bra was the second to last step in the healing process. Everything after that was smooth sailing. I keep collecting bras and trying out new ones. Buying bras has never been a fun experience and it still isn’t but I have more options now. I exclusively wear jockey soft bras and that wasn’t an option before.

Brette in a white jockey soft bra
My first soft bra!

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  • Never Puttingmyrealname

    So happy to see that your bra fitting went well! You’re awesome!
    I am so sorry for everything you went true

  • Kolleen

    I am on the path to a reduction. I was a 34D forever. Somehow, someway, I ended up going to a 32D, then 32DD then 32DDD over the last 10 years. Probably hormones because my weight hasn’t fluctuated. If I read your blog series correctly you are a 32DDD now? I honestly can’t wear anything wireless (sports bra) or it will create a uniboob or just not do anything. Unless I am leaving the house I don’t even wear a bra they have become so uncomfortable. I am in the midst of a cancer scare so one way or another these “non-essentials” are gonna go through a metamorphosis. My naturopathic doctor says I am cancer free so … reduction here we come. FYI SPANX makes a bra called brallelujah and they used to have an unlined, underwire that was beyond comfortable. The lined version makes me spill out. Ugh. I wish you the best on your journey in life. I am glad you took the leap for your health. Be well and thanks for sharing. I was scared of being maimed as I’ve seen before and after pics yikes. I have come to realize the pics were probably taken too soon.

    • brettesbliss

      The last time I was fitted at a department store before my reduction I was told I was a 32DDD (which is what I wear now), after never finding a bra that fit correctly I went to a specialty bra store and I was fitted as a 32H. When I had my reduction my before bra size was up to 32II. I think bra fittings and sizes are meaningless in the grand scheme of things. I wear a 32DDD bra in one brand or material and I can wear a 32B in another brand or material. It all depends on the bra, the material, the sizing system, and the brand. My breasts looked gnarly directly after my reduction. It’s hard to find a few years post reduction images because once the scars have healed it feels pornographic again to take photos. I do have a three years later picture of my scars on my three years later blog post which is fairly close to what my scars look like now, five years later.

      I’m sending positive thoughts your way as you prep for your reduction! Everyday I am grateful for my reduction, I wish you the same happiness.

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